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Josey Milner is a 17 year old country singer with a big voice.  The young lady, who hails from Missouri, has been getting attention on the Internet radio charts with her cover of the song “Dead Flowers.”  I caught up with her not long ago, via Skype, to discuss her music career.

She had just open a show for country music star Chris Cagle when we spoke.  I asked her what was it like getting to open for a guy who has had a number one record?  She said “It was great” and told me about Chris giving her a shout out from the stage, while members of the audience went crazy when they found out her age.

With the Internet success her first two singles have found, I asked what she had planned for 2013. “Right now my band and I are taking a break from touring and working on a new show for next year.  We’re also picking songs for a new album and that is a process in itself.  I am also starting an anti-bullying campaign where I will be going around to schools and talking about bullying. I have always been against that and I find it very wrong. I have a song called “Am I Not Pretty Enough” to kick that off so I have a whole bunch of stuff in the works.”

The production on her first two singles was outstanding so I asked if she was going to return to Kansas City to record her new album.  ”I’m fortunate to be able to work with the people who helped me record my songs ‘Dead Flowers’ and ‘Walking After Midnight’. They are the people I’m going to continue working with so I’m excited. They sound amazing on those two songs.”

For such a young girl she has some big things on the horizon.  I told her we would be waiting for the new album and wished her luck in her career.  There is no release date for the album but it should hit in 2013.

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Article by John House

John spent many years as a full time musician. Recently, he has spent most of his spare time as creator of www.bolognabrain.com and covering the Cincinnati music scene for the examiner.com.
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